RENASOLUM Hair Solution - Dry Scalp Treatment For Women, Men | Korean Hair Treatment For Dry Flakey Scalp | Psoriasis Scalp Treatment For Dandruff | Scalp Scab Treatment For Dry Damaged Hair


🌿SAFE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This product uses Neo Max, which is a source of marine diatomaceous earth, and uses 100% natural ingredients. So you don't have to worry about side effects casued by chemical products. Natural ingredients such as Plvic acid, Neomax, minerals, and 19 amino acids release chemicals and nourish your scalp to keep your scalp healthy. Also, low-molecule Neomax helps to absorb nutrients quickly..🌿HAIR CAIR BOOSTER AVAILABLE WITH VARIOUS HAIR CARE PRODUCTS : You no longer need to use multiple functional hair products. You just need to mix this amazing product with your shampoo and that's all for your daily hair care. Also, If you use this product with dye or perm products, chemical odors, scalp irritation and hair damage can be minimized..🌿CLEAN YOUR SCALP WITH NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS: It is important to CLEAN the scalp before supplying nutrients to the scalp. Plvic acid separates the harmful chemicals from shampoo by causing chelating reactions. It also helps remove chemical residues and oils from your scalp. Simultaneously, Neo Max stimulates decomposition of beneficial ingredients contained in shampoo, so that they are absorbed deeply into the scalp thus it maximizes delivery of nutrition for your hair..🌿 PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOUR FINE AND DAMAGED HAIR: Get healthier hair without burdening your scalp. Renasolum hair care solution will make the hair thick and voluminouos. This product should not be confused with other hair care products that simply coat the outside of your hair with silicones, which can cause build up on your scalp as well as weigh down your hair. Natural ingreidients including plvic acid and 19 amino acids will strengthens the hair without weighing it down..🌿HOW TO USE: 1. Based on 500 ml shampoo, put 2 spoons of the product in the shampoo and mix it. Use this mixed shampoo when shampooing it. 2. OR spray it on your entire scalp after towel drying, it will protect your hair from unnecessary damage and breakage. 3. Enjoy better effects by applying both methods mentioned above. So use it DURING and AFTER shampooing.



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