30PCS Metal Universal Welding Wire 1.6mm, 20 in Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods, Low Temperature Easy Welding Rods for Metal Welding No Need Solder Powder(30 welding wires)


【Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods】 The easy-to-melt welding rods are high-quality special rods that are mainly used for welding/brazing aluminum and aluminum alloys. however, they can also be used for hard welding non-ferrous metals other than stainless steel..【The Latest Design】 discard the old cumbersome method, adopt the latest technology design, add flux powder in the welding rod, which can be directly used for welding, and the interface of the finished product is smooth. low temperature aluminum, universal low temperature welding cored wire multipurpose metal..【Perfect Welding】 There is flux powder inside, which has good weldability, high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity and excellent processing performance, and has a full and smooth welding effect. super melt flux cored aluminum easy solution welder. Good welding effect and low melting point..【Use And Size】each is about 50cm(20inch)x1.6mm, heat the base material, not the welding rod, until the temperature reaches the working temperature of 716-752℉ (380-400 ℃), so that the welding wire can be formed by relying on the heat transfer of the base material to form a weld, and wait for it to be natural after welding Slowly cold..【Suitable For Welding A Variety Of Materials】Low temperature aluminum wire can weld almost all white metals, including aluminum, aluminum alloys, cast aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloys, stainless steel or other metals, once used, never fall off and never crack.



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