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These delicious Belgian chocolate bars are the first chocolate drops bars in the world! The unique blends, innovative layer structure, and design that allows you to easily break the perfect piece everytime results in the best possible mouth feel. Varieties sold separately. Choose from the following flavors: Milk Meets White: The sweetest sensation of the range. You can taste both white and milk chocolate in one bar (±30%). Seriously Dark: The most powerful one with 85% cocoa. Only 11% of sugar and still the most delicious one with 85% cocoa. Caramel and Macchiato Milk and white chocolate, crunchy caramel, a hint of salt, and a touch of espresso. Double Dark: 70% of pure dark joy. Yet mild enough to be extreme desirable. With all the good stuff of the cocoa beans. Crispy Cookie: Milk chocolate and crispy cookie with crunchy caramel and a hint of salt. Milk Meets Dark: The best of both worlds. Powerful cocoa taste but still very creamy thanks to a unique blend of milk and dark chocolate (±40%). Varieties sold separately. The founders of Hands Off My Chocolate, Thomas & Kitty, believe they created the best chocolate bar in the world. A bar that is too damn delicious to share with anyone else but yourself. In a world where we are sharing more and more, everyone deserves more of those little moments of joy for themselves. Just say it: Hands Off My Chocolate! Hands Off My Chocolate supports the Quality Cocoa for a Better Life programme. They are helping farmers to grow cocoa in a more sustainable way as well as improving family livelihoods. So: FAIR LIFE, FAIR PRICES, FAIR EDUCATION, FAIR GROWTH. Varieties sold separately.



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