Crystalpro Water Clarifier for Fish Tank 16.9 Oz - Aqua Clear Treats 2650 Gallons - Clear Cloudy Fish Tank Water - for Freshwater Aquariums and Fish Ponds -Fish Tank Cleaner- Use with Aquarium Filter


Crystalpro Aqua Clear clears the haziness and cloudiness of freshwater aquariums and fish ponds..Active inorganic molecules in the ingredients bonds with the organic molecules in the water and make them either sink to the bottom of the aquarium or make them collected in the filters..Makes the water crystal clear and prevents bad water smell. A slight cloudiness might occur at first because of the reaction but it will be collected in the filters shortly. In severe cases it might take up to 8 hours to be fully effective..Extremely concentrated formula, use 5 ml for 100 liters (27 gallons) once a week. You can use between 1 to 5 ml depending on how dirty the water is. Use directly into the aquarium. Use with a clean filter to make sure the particles don't settle to the bottom of the aquarium..No mess guarantee with the convenient drop cap. Approximately 15 drops equals to 1 ml and one capful is 7 ml.



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