Lumbar Support Back Brace Self-heating Wormwood Waist Belt, Self Heating Support Belt Breathable Waist Lumbar Lower Back , Relief from Waist Pain Natural Ingredients Waist Belt


Moxibustion heat : Using traditional Chinese moxibustion heat , continuous fever, the heat of mugwort lumbar belt helps to release muscles, reduce muscle stiffness, dispel cold and relieve pain, and dissipate blood stasis. Relieve lumbar, neck, leg pain,have a good conditioning effect..Natural ingredients: Mugwort lumbar belt are made of natural Chinese herbs such as wormwood, ground into powder, and natural hot moxibustion will not inject any chemicals into your body, with no side effects. It is attached to your waist, neck, back, legs, and abdomen to provide heat to quickly relieve muscle tension, dysmenorrhea, etc.Suitable for people with a waist circumference of 2.6-2.9 feet.Benefited a wide range of people, and has been recognized by the public. Ideal for drivers, office workers, athletes, the elderly, women, those with poor blood circulation, etc..Easy to carry: Mugwort lumbar belt are exquisitely and compactly packaged, and can be put into a backpack, carried with you, and used at any time. Made of breathable non-woven fabric, light and thin design, comfortable and breathable, it will not hinder your movement after sticking..Use guidance: mugwort lumbar belt will heat up when it encounters water? You can moisten the internal mugwort dotted glue with water before use, which can promote the degree of heat of the mugwort lumbar belt, and the use of better results.



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