NUOPAIPLUS Shoe Dryer, 220V Adjustable Shoes Dryer Machine Smart Timer Fast Dryer Heater Deodorizer Dehumidifier Device Sock Gloves Boots Drier Heater (Color : Ordinary Folding)


--Retractable air outlet, long boots and socks can be dried, and the length can be stretched to 30CM, suitable for all kinds of shoes and socks, one family is enough. (optional).--Intelligent constant temperature, dry shoes are more protective, ~55°C intelligent constant temperature system, safe drying shoes, will not damage shoes due to excessive temperature..--360° three-dimensional hot air, fast drying, wait for a while, 360-degree drying without dead ends, flow from the toe to the heel, turn on the machine for 15 seconds to evenly warm, and wrap the warmth layer by layer..--Imported environmental protection PP, VO grade flame retardant material, the body adopts imported environmental protection VO grade flame retardant PP material, which is integrally sealed and formed..--120 minutes of free timing, enjoy the dream all night, long-term timing within 120 minutes, no need for long-term care, automatic power off after work, safe to use.



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