DEMOTIO MA-180S Bank Grade Mixed Denomination Money Counter Serial Number Recognition Multi-Currency High Quality CIS Model CIS/MG/MT/IR/UV Detection, Printer Enabled


Demotio Mixed Denomination Money Counter Machine MA-180S model adopts # Customized CIS (Contact Image Sensor) # for bank-grade value counting, highly reliable counterfeit detection and bill serial number recognition functions.# MULTI-CURRENCY (USD, EUR & MXN) # value counting and Just # ONE BUTTON REACH # to the counting report page plus optional printing receipt function..# PLUG and PLAY # Upgrade and data collection make Demotio Mixed Bill Counter Machine an interactive tool instead of a dead equipment. Customize the machine with the full use of our # EXPANDABLE Currency List and Starting Page LOGO Design # to add your own features to the machine.Most originally designed # Two-way OPENABLE BACK COVER ## eliminates the frequent headache of jammed notes and is extremely convenient for inner-sensor cleaning.Demotio well-known # Care-free Aftersales Service # includes 100% refund or replacement of a brand new machine if there's problem with the machine and can't be fixed by software upgrade, PLUS lifelong parts supply and software upgrade upon requests. Our most experienced and professional engineers are always there ready to answer all your questions through emails or phone calls within 24 hours



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