Restaurant Pasta Sauce/Menu 1932/Sauces & Marinades Arrabbiato
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There are a couple of facts that restaurant goers need to know: first, a crowd is an excellent indication that a restaurant serves great food; and second, even the finest restaurants don't make all of their sauces from scratch. You see, fact number one indicates that great restaurants draw crowds. This conclusion leads to fact number two-- how can they serve all those people while making all of their sauces from scratch? That is where Menu comes in. A world famous, high-end brand in the foodservice business, chefs turn to Menu when they need a great sauce that is ready to heat-and-serve straight out of the container. They are not beautifully packaged because they are not intended for the consumer market, however they do have beautiful flavor, and that is what really counts. The Pomodorina variety oozes with fresh-picked flavor while the Arrabbiata is spicy and delicious. If you can look beyond the label, these sauces will become a mainstay in your pantry before long. Varieties sold separately.



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