Pomodorina Restaurant Pasta Sauce/Menu 1932/Sauces & Marinades
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Pomodorina Sauce has been Menu's top-selling product for over 40 years. This famous sauce is produced in Italy only once a year during the peak of the tomato season in August. This fresh-harvest Pomodorina is unique from American-style Marinara, which uses common processing methods. Pomodorina is made within two hours of the tomatoes picked. It is hand crafted by our staff and cooked in small batch kettles, with only the highest quality fresh vegetables and fresh herbs, added at just the right time, by hand. Menu’s Pomodorina is a true, Italian Salsa Pomodorina, made with celery, carrots and onions, fresh basil and only non-GMO Roma tomatoes. Its rich color and ripe tomato aroma looks and tastes like it is fresh from your garden. This best selling sauce is versatile for any cuisine and yields an uncommonly fresh upscale appearance and flavor. Menu Pomodorina is as fresh as the day it was picked.



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