Stainless Steel Air Vents, Louvered Grille Cover Wall Air Ventilation Outlet Hood, Round Grille Ventilation Cover Silver Air Circulation With Built-in Fly Screen Mesh, For Kitchen ( Size : 6.7in/170mm


☆ Stainless steel vents can be applied to dryer vent pipes/hose, bathroom valves and range hoods, air conditioners, exhaust fans and ventilation ducts, etc..☆ The shutter-style grille cover is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The thickened stainless steel material is not easy to rust, has higher strength, is not easy to deform, and is durable..☆ The bottom and edges of the ventilation hood are round and smooth, and the thickened curling can prevents scratches. Please wear gloves before installation..☆ The louver vent has a built-in fine insect-proof net, which can prevents foreign matter from entering the pipe and cause blockage, and keep the ventilation smooth..☆ The 45° slanted louvers designed for the round wall vent cover are designed to be weatherproof, thus effectivelypreventing rainwater from pouring back and cold air from invading.



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