FastFerment FastRack Bomber Tray Wine Bottle Cleaning and Drying Rack, FastRack12 Two Racks & One, White


Drain & dry finally a bottle drying tree alternative! Eliminate contact with the inside of your bottle drying rack The double rack system Fastrack12 can fit up to 24 bomber/Belgian bottles or 24 wine bottles.Dishwasher friendly The FastTrack bottle drying rack and tray are safe to go into Your dishwasher after usage Unlike other bottle drying tree systems We easily come apart and fit into a dishwasher without any hassle.Rack & stack several full FastTrack bottle drying racks can be stacked on top of each other up to 5 high for convenient storage inside the FastTrack bottle tray The more you stack the more secure it gets! Try doing that with a typical bottle drying tree!.Collect and store keep your wine & bomber bottle empties organized stored safely and out of your way ready for the next batch from your wine fermenting or home-brew kit.Trust Our fermentation accessories many of our fast Ferment Conical fermenter products are designed to work with each other Trust fast Ferment with all your home-brewing kit needs.Item shape: Rectangular.Center to Center distance ~82mm.Can be used with FastWasher12.Works for 12 - 26OZ Bottle



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