SIMOLIO Infrared Headphones for Car DVD for Honda Odyssey, uConnect, Chrysler Pacifica, Town & Country, Toyota Sienna,Wireless IR Headphone with Storage Bag & AUX Cord for TV, Outdoor Movie (3 Pack)


SIMOLIO infrared headphones for car DVD player compatible with Honda Odyssey 2003-2023, uConnect VES Chrysler Town & Country 2006-2018, Chrysler Pacifica 2004-2008 & 2017-2021 (Ceiling Mounted Screens), Dodge Grand Caravan 2002-2020, Chevy Suburban 2002-2016, Chevy Tahoe 2000-2016, GMC Yukon 2002-2016, Nissan Armada 2004-2021,Toyota Sienna 2004-2021, Cadillac Escalade 2002-2016, and replacement headphones for GM part 22863046, 22863047, 22809931, 20830570, 20830572, 20929304, 25795362, 22809931..IR Wireless Headphone for TV: They can be used with IR transmitter (not included) to enjoy late night TV shows or Home Theater by Projector without disturbing your family/neighbors, or kids can leave you a peaceful space by using it to watch cartoon or play game in car or at home. No Latency. Share audio together with your family to enjoy the happiness home entertainment. Multiple IR headphones can be connected to One Transmitter. We suggest to buy Simolio IR Transmitter for better performance..Two Channel Wireless IR Headphones: for two kids at the same row watching different movies from the headrest DVD players without interference by switching to A/B channel. If you installed a ceiling/roof mounted DVD player for all the people in different rows to watch the same program, we suggest you to choose channel A for both your DVD and headphone which may have better performance than channel B..Over/On Ear Car Headphone with Adjustable Headbands: the headphone's sizes are shown as FIG 7. Please measure the sizes of your kids' heads and ears before ordering. For the toddler or someone who feel the headphone is too big, please adjust the headbands to fit you better (Ref. FIG 6). Also the headband incorporates memory stainless steel strips inside, you can adjust it's shape or wearing angle to make your kids more comfortable. (Ref. FIG 6)..Power Saving Vehicle Headphones with Custom Bag for Easy Storage: 2 New AAA batteries (not included) can provide up to 20 hours of continuous working time. Automatic shut off prevents batteries from draining when left on to ensure maximum battery life. 3.5mm Aux jack with Aux cable included, for use with iPad, iPhone and Tablet PC etc.