Hollyland Mars 400S Pro SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System, 400 ft Transmission Range, 0.1S Low Latency, 3 Scene Mode, 12Mbps Direct Video Feed for Live Streaming (Transmitter & Receiver)


[Differences from MARS 400S] Differences from MARS 400S are reflected in the shell design, the integrated cold shoe at the bottom, and the direct video feed for live streaming. Hollyland MARS 400S PRO also supports 5-12V / 2A. Additional Type-C charging to L-series batteries, MARS 400S 6-16 VDC power supply..[SDI & HDMI & OLED Display] MARS400S PRO supports both SDI and HDMI, including SDI IN for transmitter and HDMI OUT for receiver. It supports OLED display and battery voltage display. The ratio of high-definition monitoring quality of data has increased from 8 million basis points to 12 million basis points..[Direct Video for Live Stream] Connect the receiver to your computer using a video capture card, you can use the video feed from RX for live streaming on OBS, vMix, and VLC on your computer..[Easy Channel Scanning & Upgrade] MARS 400S PRO supports APP channel scanning and firmware update. You can find the best channel by clicking on the RX app or the HollyView app. The app allows you to update the firmware easily and quickly. The data rate has been increased from 8MBps to 12MBps for HD monitoring quality..[Multi-Platform Monitoring] The MARS 400S PRO transmitter supports two receivers. For the number of RX and apps, follow the pattern: 2 RX-0 apps, 1 RX-2 apps, 0 RX-4 apps). It supports real-time monitoring functions of up to 4 mobile phones and tablets, such as waveform, focus peak, speckle, zoom in / zoom out, and 3D LUT.



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