SmallRig 3913 Arca-Type Multifunctional Quick Release Plate
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SmallRig Multifunctional Quick Release Plate (Arca-Type) 3913 is a multifunctional quick release plate designed to solve the problem of unstable placement of the camera on desktop and ground, and the problem of difficult installation on fluid head, base and other accessories. It comes with four foldable standing legs that allow placing camera with a lens length of less than 15cm in most terrains, and avoid scratching the bottom of camera and lens. It also features a hex spanner for quickly tightening screws and a threaded slot for mounting screws to lock camera and cage at the same time, thus preventing twisting. Both camera connector and feet have anti-slip pads that secure camera to the plate and prevent extended feet from slipping. The bottom of this quick release plate supports 38mm Manfrotto-type base, head fluid and other accessories. Note: • Lenses no longer than 15cm are recommended.• If necessary, please adjust the screws to adjust the center of gravity of camera relative to the quick release plate.



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