Fevone Garden Hose 100 ft x 5/8", Heavy Duty Water Hose, Fits Hoses/Pipes of All Replacement/Replaceable Parts, Solid Brass Fittings - No Leak


Lightweight - Despite its durability, this flexible garden hose is lightweight and easy to carry, allow you to effortlessly move it around your garden or transport it to different locations as needed..Leak Free Design - Our garden hose is designed with precision - engineered connectors and fittings to provide a secure and leak free connection. You can water your plants or clean your outdoor spaces without worring about water wastage or annoying leaks..Heavy Duty - Crafted from high quality hybrid materials, this garden hose is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The robust construction ensures long - lasting performance, this hose supports working pressure of 150psi and burst pressure of 600psi, so you can enjoy a reliable watering experience..Protective Sleeve - This 100 foot garden hose has a nice sleeve cover at each end for gripping, this reinforced plastic cover adds more protection for the most vulnerable part of hose, in addition, this protective sleeve helps the hose kink free at the connection and keeps the hose from pinching off if it turns abruptly at the faucet or attachment end.How to Uncoil - This 100 ft garden hose comes coiled, naturally, since the hose is packaged and stored wound up, if you just pull on the hose without untwisting it, you're going to creat twists or kinks. We can't be "lazy" with a 100 foot hose, take a few minutes to walk it out while untwisting and you'll have a water hose that lays flat



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