2 Pack Replacement For Samsung Pin French White Sleeves RD DA81-01346A, Spring French DA81-01345B Compatible With Models RF267AFWP RF267HERS RF268ABBP RF268ABPN RF268ABRS RF268ABWP RF26VABWP


Premium Refrigerator Door Spring And Pin, Direct Fits With Various Samsung Brand Models.Replacement For Samsung Spring French DA81-01345B, White Sleeves DA81-01346A.Compatible Models: RFG296HDBP, RFG296HDPN, RFG296HDRS, RFG296HDWP, RFG297AABP, RFG297AAPN, RFG297AARS, RFG297AAWP, RFG297ACBP, RFG297ACRS, RFG297ACWP, RFG297HDBP, RFG297HDPN, RFG297HDRS, RFG297HDWP, RFG298AABP, RFG298AAPN, RFG298AARS, RFG298AAWP, RFG298HDBP, RFG298HDPN, RFG298HDRS, RFG298HDWP, RFG299AARS, RFG29PHDBP, RFG29PHDRS, RFG29PHDWP, RFG29THDRS,RF266, RF197ACPN/XAA.Compatible Models: RF267AFWP, RF267HERS, RF268ABBP, RF268ABPN, RF268ABRS, RF268ABWP, RF26VABWP, RF26XAEBP, RF26XAERS, RF26XAEWP, RF4267HABP, RF4267HARS, RF4267HAWP, RF4287AARS, RF4287HABP, RF4287HAPN, RF4287HARS, RF4287HAWP, RF4289HARS, RF4289HBRS, RFG237AABP, RFG237AAPN, RFG237AARS, RFG237AAWP, RFG237ACRS, RFG238AABP, RFG238AAPN, RFG238AARS, RFG238AAWP, RFG28MESL, RFG293HABP, RFG293HAPN, RFG293HARS, RFG293HAWP, RFG295AABP, RFG295AAPN, RFG295AARS, RFG295AAWP.Tough And Will Not Break, Long Lasting



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