CQCYD 2022 New Racing High Speed Remote Control Yacht, Remote Control Speedboats Wireless Electric Long Life High Speed 2.4g Rechargeable Speedboat Water Remote Control Toy


Capsize Recovery Function: Our Remote controlled bo-at is easy to control. The self-righting design keeps your bo-at in the correct direction when it capsizes. Double-hatch design and capsize recovery make this the best choice for any level RC enthusiast..Feel the passion of speed re-set on collision/capsulation, 30 kilometers per hour,so that you can sa-il without worry and avoid collision The bow anti-collision design effectively prevents damage to the hull..To cool and dissipate heat, reduce temperature to ensure the life of the motor£¬ Fully sealed double-layer waterproof, upgraded double-layer sealed waterproof..Remote-control Ship for pool Makes just the best gi-ft for all sailing, motor, jet, and speedShip aficionados for birthdays, anniversaries, farewell, best wishes, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, new Year's and much more! Perfect toy Ship for old boys and girls and above - RC Ship are even for adults! Ideal for lakes or pools - not meant for sal-ty waters..Lighting prompt, low pressure detection, water safety swi-tch, high and low speed switching, mechanical fine-tuning.



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