Spermidine Supplements 13mg - 1300mg Wheat Germ Extract Capsules Potent Formula with Higher Spermidine Content and Zinc for Healthy Aging, Daily Immune System and Cell Renewal, 60 Capsules


The Highest 13mg Spermidine Formula - Thalacy provides the highest Spermidine formula in the market with a 100% premium natural wheat germ extract source. Over 10x more potent than other spermidine supplements at a more affordable price range..Non-Synthetic Ingredients - Thalacy cares more about your overall wellness, and the solvent-less, all-natural extraction method. Without any synthetic spermidine form in our product. Each serving contains 1300mg of a highly concentrated form of fermented wheat germ extract (Contains 13mg of Spermidine), zinc, and vitamin B1..100% Natural Wheat Germ Extract - Studies show that natural organic wheat germ is the most ideal spermidine source that contains 243mg/kg spermidine, while other rice germs only contain 50mg/kg of spermidine in raw ingredients. Compare to other rice germ extract capsules, you will get double spermidine serving in 13mg from Thalacy fermented wheat germ extract capsules..Cell Renewal & Healthy Aging - Science research shows Spermidine is a natural polyamine that provides healthy aging and longevity by activating autophagy which is the cellular renewal and recycling process. Fermented Wheat Germ Extract provides remarkable benefits for the immune system and mitochondrial function..Buy with confidence - Thalacy is committed to using Non-GMO & Vegan ingredients. Ensuring the standardized purity and potency of each batch to optimize your health in high quality, effective manner. Your experience is our main priority, if you have any questions or concerns, please message us, Thalacy customer service is available within 12 hours to solve your concern.



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