IDAHO JONES Wearable Breast Pump Bag with Cooler Pocket and 15” Laptop Sleeve | Ultra Comfortable Breast Pump and Milk Storage Cooler Bag | Breast Pump Bag Backpack for Spectra Pump S1, S2


Configures to Your Life: Because Chertsey the breast pump bag for working moms holds a large electric pump, can convert into a diaper bag backpack and a professional breast pump laptop bag, and has room for other baby products. She's the customizable Idaho Jones Pump Bag for working moms. Holds a 6.5” bottle cooler bag, protects a small hands free pump, keeps milk cold for at least 6 hours. Enjoy a pump bag backpack that holds phones, keys, water bottles, pump parts, 15” laptop and more..Discreet Pocket Doubles Up as a Pump Compartment, Cooler & Storage: The side pump pocket fits Medela Symphony by itself or other large pumps like Spectra S1/S2 or Motif Luna along with 1-2 bottles and an Idaho Jones Jamie ice pack(sold separately). Or, it fits the Idaho Jones Cooler Bag for Breastmilk, Roxwell, with a smaller pump like Medela PISA. It can also be your Idaho Jones wearable breast pump bag for Elvie. The insulated side pocket keeps milk cold for 6-8 hours with ice packs..Bag of All Pumps: This bag can be called many names… Spectra Pump Bag, Pump Carrying Case, Elvie Pump Bag, Spectra pump backpack bag, Travel Breast Pump Bag Laptop, Spectra Pump Carrying Bag. What pump do you use? Come up with a name of your own for this multifunctional bag. And when you’re not packing your pump, retract the padded side pockets; load this pumping wet to dry bag with everything (or use as a handbag). There’s tons of space! And it's FSA HSA eligible...Comfy Nursing & Leisure Bag: The main top compartment fits all your personal items next to a 15” Laptop sleeve. Front and side pockets fit pump parts, accessories and all mom stuff! Multiple padded pockets, plus our signature velvet lined sunglasses and phone pocket lets you stuff your Idaho Jones breast pump bag full without damaging breast pumps or breast feeding parts. Wide support backpack straps and top tote handles make the Idaho Jones breast pump backpack diaper bag ultra comfy to carry..Empowered Pumping Starts Here: Why struggle with breast pump bags, cooler bags, laptop bags, diaper bags and handbags when Chertsey does it all? This Idaho Jones Bag is a superb pumping backpack for Spectra pump and the Idaho Jones breast milk cooler. For any issues in the first 12 months, we replace your breast pumping bag or refund immediately - because every second counts for an Empowered Pumping Mom! Try the Idaho Jones Chertsey Pumping Backpack now and love pumping even at work!



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