Muscle Groups & Exercises | Anterior & Posterior Muscles & Exercises | Laminated Home & Gym Poster | FREE Online Video Training Support | Size - 841mm x 594mm (A1) | Improves Personal Fitness


BE FITTER, BE STRONGER, BE BETTER. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a professional couch potato, improve your fitness and become a better, stronger version of you with our Muscle Groups and Exercises poster. Reach your fitness goals and maximise every workout, every time..EASY & EFFECTIVE EXERCISES. The Muscle Groups and Exercises poster clearly displays easy and effective exercises for anterior and posterior muscle groups. These include: Triceps Dips, Pull-Ups, Calf Raises, Crunches, Lateral Lunges, Squats and many more. Learn the best exercises for each muscle and take control of your workouts with our comprehensive Muscle Groups and Exercises poster..FREE ONLINE TRAINING SUPPORT. The Muscle Groups and Exercises wall chart includes numerous unique QR codes that provide FREE and INSTANT access to online video training support. Available on all smart phones, the videos are easy-to-follow and show interactive exercise demonstrations, perfect for all gym users. This will guarantee you use proper techniques to maximise the great effects of regular exercise and ensure healthy, strong muscles..LARGE & COLOURFUL WALL DISPLAY. The poster is a large A1 size, making it easy to see, read and follow the relevant nutritional advice. Laminated, bright and colourful, the wall chart is long-lasting and great for any exercise environment, whether that's at home, school or in the gym..MAXIMISE YOUR WORKOUTS. Whatever your fitness goals, our Muscle Groups and Exercises poster can help you to achieve them. The poster will help you learn how to maximise your workouts through targeting specific muscle groups with the most effective exercises. Burn fat, tone-up and increase your strength with our informative and motivating full package Muscle Groups and Exercises poster.



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