Looney Tunes ACME Have A Blast Kids' T-Shirt - Black - 3-4 Years - Black
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For everything from fireworks displays to demolition, ACME explosives will do the job! Sometimes far too effectively, as poor Wile E. Coyote knows too well...The Looney Tunes ACME Have A Blast Kids' T-Shirt is a must-have product, its style enhanced by exclusivity. Prioritising fashion and character, it sports a standout graphic on a Black shirt.(To meet the expectations of our customers, all our products are sourced ethically, so you can enjoy your new clothing without worry. ) Pure-cotton garmentMachine washableTumble-drying instructions provided on the labelMedium-thickness shirtSimiliarly, this item continues to excel with a comfortable fit, its proportions being slightly exaggerated. Please order a size up if you prefer a more laid-back fit.ACME - for all your contraption needs! No, really. Apparently, it really does stand for A Company Making Everything . Although Wile E. Coyote doesn't have much success with them. Take your pick of this Official range of high-quality Looney Tunes merchandise!



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