Cleveland Rtx Zipcore Wedge - Tour Satin 58� Full Sole Right Hand
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Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge - Tour Satin Features ZipCore: It s What s Inside Revolutions need revolutionary tech. So we tore our flagship RTX wedge down to its core and rebuilt it from the inside out. Introducing RTX ZipCore. The ZipCore is a low-density material at the heart of RTX. It s an inside-to-out solution that s elegant in form and function, with unprecedented results. How ZipCore Makes You Better By replacing heavy steel with a lightweight core, ZipCore repositions mass for kid-in-a candy-shop levels of design freedom. It s how we pumped in a mountain of High-Low MOI that just wasn t there before. And it s how we repositioned the CG so more of your shots land on the sweet spot. The result? More consistency across the board. Spin, distance, feel, control better, better, BETTER. You just leveled up, friend. How UltiZip Adds Spin More grooves is better. Better grooves is better. But more better grooves? That s game changing. Introducing the new UltiZip Grooves. They re our sharpest yet, so they cut through grass more effectively. They re also our deepest, which channels debris more efficiently. Plus, they re packed tightly, so we ve added 2 extra grooves per wedge face for more edge contact on every shot. Yeah, these grooves add spin. But more importantly, they add consistency, so that every lie is a good lie. And every shot behaves as you d expect, with fewer surprises and more chances to score. How Heat Adds Durability All the spin tech in the world can t do you much good if it wears away after a few rounds. So how do you make a longer lasting wedge face? Easy. Just rearrange the 8620 carbon steel s crystalline grain structure, making it more uniform and therefore more durable, while also eliminating impurities, relieving internal stresses, and reducing brittleness. A measured, timed blast of heat can do wonders for a wedge s metallurgic properties. Ultimately, it means you ll love your RTX ZipCore for round after round after round Sole Grinds Every craftsman needs the right tools to perform their job. A skilled golfer is no different. With 3 versatile sole grinds developed on tour by the game s best RTX ZipCore delivers all the finesse you ll need to execute your greatest greenside feats. Low Sole This low bounce, c-shaped grind features relief on the heel, toe, and trailing edge for superior versatility around the greens. Perfect For: Finesse and open face shots A neutral to shallow attack angle Medium or firm conditions Choose If You: Leave medium to shallow divots Play in firm conditions off tight lies Hit open face and flop shots Mid Sole This v-shaped sole cuts smoothly through turf. Plus, its trailing edge relief keeps the leading edge low on open face shots. Perfect For: All-around wedge play Neutral to steep attack angle Medium or soft conditions Choose If You: Leave medium to large divots Want stability on full shots Like to open the face on occasion Full Sole This classic design is stable on full shots and adds extra bounce as you open the face a big help when in sand or thick rough. Perfect For: Bunker and rough shots A neutral or steep attack angle Medium or soft conditions Choose If You: Leave medium to large divots Want stability on full shots Like a traditional sole design Prefer added bounce in sand and thick rough Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue Dynamic Gold Spinner gives you everything you love in a Tour Issue wedge shaft stability, control, and consistency but it s built to help you generate extra spin and tour-level stopping power. It s an entirely new offering from True Temper with a similar profile to Dynamic Gold S200 but specifically designed for wedge play. Flex: Wedge Weight: 128g Butt Diamiter: .600" Spin: Mid-High Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 The most popular grip in golf today combines an exclusive rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort, and confidence. Inside Diameter: 58 round Weight: 52g ***Please use the specs in the detailed images above as a reference point only. Available options are listed in the drop down box.***


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