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Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge - Graphite Spin, Control, and all the Forgiveness You Need Cleveland has built the CBX 2 Wedge just for you: the everyday golfer who plays serious golf but isn t on tour. These exclusive technologies produce a thoughtful balance of forgiveness and versatility that s tuned to your needs on the course and around the green. Forgiveness A revolutionary new Hollow-Cavity design puts next-level forgiveness in your short game. With a hollow chamber near the heel and a heavy weight placed in the toe, this unique structure maximizes MOI and perimeter weighting. It s unprecedented short game forgiveness in a sleek, attractive profile that looks blade-like at address. Feel Cleveland s latest iteration of Feel Balancing Technology achieves a new milestone in Cleveland CBX 2: a toe-biased center of gravity. Combined with Gelback for vibration reduction, this accomplishment provides a soft, satisfying feel along with the crisp feedback you demand. Versatility The Cleveland CBX 2 is a forgiving club, designed to improve consistency for golfers ranging from five to 20 handicap. Yet no matter your skill level, if you re serious about the short game then you play an array of finesse shots around the green. So, we ve delivered forgiveness in a powerfully versatile profile with three distinct sole grinds that allow for square, open-faced, or flop shots off any greenside surface. Spin A serious short game requires high levels of backspin. To control trajectory or place the ball precisely on the green, you need wedge shots with lots of spin. For nearly a decade, we ve dominated spin performance with the most advanced face in golf. Every bit of that performance, featured in our latest 4th generation Rotex, has been milled, carved, and lasered into Cleveland CBX 2. Swing Blade wedges are stiff, heavy, and tough to swing. Mix that with your lightweight cavity back irons and you ve got a recipe for disaster. The Cleveland CBX 2 eliminates that awkward tansition with lightweight construction that matches the feel and performance of your irons. Grinds Made Simple Cleveland CBX 2 is all the shot making versatility with none of the cryptic grind selection that plagues traditional wedges. Our engineering team has done the work for you with three different sole grinds arranged by loft. V-Shaped Sole. Our innovative V-shaped sole in lofts 46 - 52 make full swing and square faced shots a breeze by gliding over turf without digging, even if you strike slightly behind the ball. S-Shaped Sole. An S-shaped sole on the 54 and 56 lofts is ideal for bunker shots and open faced finesse shots from the rough or fairway. A wide profile provides plenty of bounce to get you in and out of the turf without losing. speed. C-Shaped Sole. For lob shots with an open face, we ve placed a C-shaped grind on lofts 58 and 60 . The heel- and toe-side relief mean you re free to manipulate the face angle to suit any greenside situation. Key Innovations: Hollow-Cavity Design. Additional weight distributed to the perimeter offers more forgiveness at impact. Dynamic Sole. Three different sole grinds deliver more versatility to execute any shot on the course. Amazing Feel. Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology along with a Gelback TPU Insert reduces vibration for a pure feel at impact. Rotex Face. Fourth generation Rotex Face technology delivers our sharpest Tour Zip Grooves and most aggressive face milling for maximum spin and short game control. Grip: Lamkin 360 Graphite Shaft: Rotex Precision Graphite Wedge Flex At just 90g, the ROTEX graphite wedge shaft blends seamlessly with graphite iron sets. Specifications Loft Sole Bounce Lie Angle Length Swing Weight 46 V-Shaped 9 64 35.5" D0 48 V-Shaped 9 64 35.5" D0 50 V-Shaped 11 64 35.5" D1 52 V-Shaped 11 64 35.5" D1 54 S-Shaped 12 64 35.25" D1.5 56 S-Shaped 12 64 35.25" D1.5 58 C-Shaped 10 64 35" D2 60 C-Shaped 10 64 35" D2 ***Please use the above as a reference point only. Available options are listed in the drop down box.***


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