CANDWAX 10 inch Taper Candles Set of 12 - Dripless Taper Candles and Unscented Candlesticks - Perfect as Dinner Candles and Household Candles - Dark Blue Candles


Buy with confidence. Candwax offers you various sets of tall candles, a rich and stylish color scheme, a big number of tapered candles in packages and the main thing is the quality and safety of our candle sticks. Pleasant twilight, warm water, scented foam and shimmering navy tapered candles' light. Imagine it… What can be better if you want to stop the time and relax?.Clean burning candles. Due to special construction our royal blue taper candles 10 inch do not drip and they do not leave wax marks on the table or in the candle holders. We make navy blue taper candles 10 inch only from quality colored wax, so when the taper candles navy burn you will see wax of the same color as the long candles itself. When you look at tall candles' light you will be charmed, its straight and soft light will not leave you indifferent..Versatile decor. Navy taper candles will be a perfect accessory in your house. Make your routine/everyday rituals such as dining, bathing and others more spiritual and relaxing. Take pleasure from each moment of your life with dark blue taper candles. We have all the classic colors of candle sticks they will match any design and increase the level of comfort. Navy blue taper candles 10 inch's burning time is 8 hours..Fragrance-free. Besides the fact that our emergency candles are dripless, they are also smokeless while burning, it is perfect for allergy sufferers or those who can hardly stand strong odors. With the help of dripless candles you can place an emphasis on a particular piece of furniture. For example, a large fireplace will look much more attractive if you place navy blue tapered candles on it. Fits into any standard taper candlestick holder..Multi-purpose use. Do you want to create the atmosphere of relaxation? Or you need to decor your wedding party? Our dark blue taper candles 10 inch height will add some chic to your dining table. Navy taper candles dripless will create the muffled light. As we provide different stylish colors for no drip taper candles they become ideal as wedding candles. You can choose the perfect table candles color that fits exactly into the color scheme and style you choose for your wedding.



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