UTG 4-16x44 ACCUSHOT OP3 Riflescope, Illum UMOA Ret, Side Focus, 30mm Tube
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TS Platform True strength scope platform using smart spherical structure(SSS) to achieve simplified and strengthened inner/outer tube interaction for most precise and responsive W/E adjustment and toughest recoil resistance. EZ-TAP IE Illumination U.S.Pat. 8,437,079 EU Pat. EP2520894 Most user friendly low profile illumination system on the ocular tube for red, green or black reticle, soft and ergonomically designed rubber pads for user to easily tap to the desired level of brightness, Push both buttons to and hold to enter full color reticle mode. Full color reticle mode consists of 36 different color options for optimal visibility in all environments. High-tech memory feature to return to last color/brightness used, accommodates diverse weather/light conditions. Ring-lock Target Turrets Windage/elevation target turrets with locking ring to lock zero and zero-resetting function to align marking after zeroing your scope. SWAT AO Side wheel adjustable turret opposite to the windage adjustment turret, adjusts parallax from close range to infinity. Variable Power Magnification of the scope is adjustable. Mounting Accessories Included Picatinny or Dovetail Mount Included with Product. Optional SWAT Big Wheel for Side Wheel AO Adjustment A great tool to use on scope models equipped with a side wheel adjustment turret for AO to achieve finer parallax adjustment. Reticle UMOA Reticle: The MOA (UMOA) reticle features hash marks at MOA increments for precise bullet drop and wind drift compensation, as well as, range estimation. At 10X magnification at 100 yards, the reticle provides a 4 MOA (from end to end) center cross and equally distanced hash marks at 2 MOA increments all the way up to 50 MOA for holdover, 20 MOA for hold under, and 30 MOA on each side for wind drift. The center cross can be illuminated to assist aiming under different light conditions.



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