Ultra Fresh Cichlid Sinking Fish Food, Wild Sword Prawns, All Natural Ingredients, Carnivore Pellets for Large Cichlid and Tropical Fish, Royal Cichlid Premium Pellet 16 oz


High Palatability : Up to 40% fresh sword prawns + acetes, squids, vegetables and seaweed. A perfect 9:1 meat/vegetable protein ratio and well balance nutrients for carnivorous cichlids and large tropical fishes.Superior Quality Ingredient : All natural protein from fresh meat, vegetables and seaweed. No additives, no artificial flavors or coloring, no byproducts and other harmful ingredients. Made with carefully selected ingredients like Sword prawns, acetes, fresh squid, fresh-pick garlic, natural spirulina and seaweed.Healthy Growth Formula : Rich in calcium and vitamin D. It's not only tasty but also keeps fishes healthy! Jam-packed with a variety of vitamins (A, C, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12) great for growth, keeping color vibrance and boost immunity.Natural Coloration: The Ultra-enhanced formulation of natural seaweed, Australian spirulina, and premium fresh sword prawns enhances the natural coloration of your fish, presenting them in their most natural and vibrant colors.3 Million CFUs/g Probiotics : Probiotics are added to the food to help dissolve fish excrements, residuals and keeps water clean. It can also increase the feed conversion rate, improve immune system and gut health



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