Space Cowboys Unlock! Short Adventures 1: Secret Recipes of Yore - Immersive Escape Room Card Game for Kids and Adults, Ages 10+, 1-6 Players, 30 Minute Playtime, Made


EXCITING ESCAPE ROOM CARD GAME: UNLOCK! Short Adventures delivers thrilling escape room challenges in a compact, card-based format for all to enjoy..IMMERSIVE STORY: Immerse yourself in an enchanting tale as you uncover hidden secrets and solve intricate puzzles to reveal ancient recipes of yore. Impress the kooky chef with highly spirited recipes..READY-TO-PLAY TABLETOP ADVENTURE: This cooperative card game brings the excitement of escape rooms to your living room. Explore places, handle machines in the app, solve puzzles and finish the adventure before you run out of time..FUN GAME FOR FAMILY GAME NIGHT: This family-friendly game provides fun and challenges for both children and adults, making it an ideal choice for game nights and gatherings..EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION: Secret Recipes of Yore is part of the Unlock Short Adventures series, so you can continue your escape room adventures with more exciting challenges.



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