Fromage Fruit Spread for Cheese/Les Folies/Jams, Jellies & Marmalades Sheep's Milk
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Good cheese is traditionally served as a separate course, on a plateau du fromage, with the addition of good crackers or fresh, crusty bread. But cheese also has a deep relationship with wine and each different pairing and brings out a new and surprising flavor from both. Fruit also complements cheese. For instance, a good cheddar on top of an apple slice creates an entirely new flavor level. Les Folies Fromage (The Cheese Follies) by Guillaume et Lesgards has created four wonderful fruit spreads specifically designed for certain types of cheese. Made in the French Pyrénées, these spreads will add a new dimension to your old favorites. To complement Roquefort and other blue cheeses, they have designed the ideal spread -- quince, apple, and spices are the perfect pairing. Rather than trying to compete with a strong blue flavor, this combination does not overwhelm. It merely highlights the unique depth of taste of a fine blue. To complement Brie, Camembert and other soft bloomy rind cheeses, this blend of apricot, cumin and orange peels, forms a perfect mélange. To complement sheep's milk cheeses, their black cherry and licorice variety adds a touch of both sweet and spice. For Cheddar lovers out there, their blueberry spread is enhanced with wild thyme, apple pectin, and lemon juice to play off the full flavors of aged cow's milk cheeses. Finally, they have created a spread to enhance young, creamy goat cheeses. They have combined white fig with bay leaf and raisins. Your chevres will reach their full potential with these complementary flavors. Varieties sold separately.



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