White Lies Critical Race Theory and Racism as a Problem of not Being White, Rejecting Responsibility for the State of Race Relations, and Seldom Admit
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It's past time for us to break down obstacles to success and education for people of color, to speak out against global social injustices, and to stop hiding behind the cliché, I'm white, I can't speak out on the race. In our thoughts, acts, and words, we must be deliberately anti-racist. Someone who claims to be anti-racist may not laugh at a racist joke or remain silent when they hear a racist remark, but this does not make them anti-racist. One of the numerous issues with racism is that it manifests itself in a variety of ways. It has institutional and structural roots, is based on colonial history, and has been passed down through the generations like an unsightly relic. It's outspoken, red-faced, and enraged, and it's willing to assault you on the street. It's there in the absence of representation, in the 'banter' and 'harmless' comments, in the twitching fingers of white people who can't stop themselves from stroking Black people's hair. Racism is multi-faceted and nuanced, and many people aren't even aware that they have racist attitudes.In this book, you will read about critical race theory and racism as a problem of not being white, rejecting responsibility, and seldom admitting white privilege


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