Perception And Reason (Top Learning, #3) Josh Lopez Author
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How can you improve your learning on a day-to-day, hour-by-hour basis? What do you do before, during, and after studying to improve your motivation and get the most out of the time you spend studying?The abilities you will learn about in this chapter are more particular than the basic methods you gained in the previous chapter, such as how you complete assignments or activities that are tailored to your unique learning style and resources. document of your preference The techniques in the previous chapter establish the broad direction, where you want to go, and how you can get there. These new skills, on the other hand, are your specialized equipment - compass, depth gauge - with which you may lead the instruction and modify your route like a seasoned seafarer.For everyone, learning is a natural ability. Watch a toddler fumbling around in a new room. It will ask hundreds of questions a day, want to experience everything, use all of its senses, not mind if it acts stupid or concocts foolish ideas of its own.At that age, you learn more than at any other later stage. First of all, you only perceive a mixture of chaotic and noisy sounds, as the famous psychologist William James put it, it is the newborn world. Then you start learning your native language from the very first.The two strategies of peak learning, called the affirmation strategy and the invocation strategy, have the potential to bring about that power and enjoyment. These two strategies will contribute to fostering an optimistic, positive and strong attitude that promotes intellectual capacity and consciousness. This state of mind will provide you with an open mind towards learning and help you overcome your fears of learning. 


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