He wasn't heavy, he was my brother. DAVE L.R. Johnson Author
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Sadly, Dave is no longer with us, he died after suffering from a chronic lung disease. The disease was not caused by smoking or a killer dose of bronchitis. He died of pneumonia after receiving a new pair of lungs through a transplantation.  His body was so weak that it just could not fight the disease, and sadly, he had to give up the battle after fighting all his life to survive.A sad story in many ways, a funny story in others and, even a life full of misdemeanors, adventure, love, and hate, that sometimes became extreme. Dave was not perfect, like the rest of us. He was, however, good, and bad, and his good side always appeared during times of extreme loss or hurtful behavior towards the ones he loved, and of course to his children.I wish to take you back to the beginning of his life, and from those foundations he commenced a roller-coaster journey of all human emotions and actions thinkable, right until the very end. Whoever reads this true story will begin to comprehend how important it is to tell the stories of simple, unsung heroes, and 'Little People' who surround us, but never achieve fame or fortune.Dave was such a character, notorious, brutal, loving, and caring. However, he was one of those people whose fascinating story hardly ever reaches the eyes and ears of those whose only desire is to follow the 'masses of sheep' and consume daily the news that global media has on offer.This story is a bitter/sweet story of true life, and not fantasy invented by Hollywood. I am proud to present this insight into the life of a 'normal person', who many times took normality to its boundaries by being just like you and me. However, Dave, just happened to be someone quite fascinating and extreme due to circumstances throughout his life.   


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