Squid Game: Everything You Need to Know about the New Korean TV Series Maxwell Wilbert Author
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Who hasn't watched or heard of Squid Game at least once? In the span of a few days it went from being one of the many new Netflix contents, to a real viral phenomenon that invades the web and social pages around the globe.The thriller-dystopian series is enjoying such a media resonance that it has entered the major search trends for any related topic, from the recipe of one of the typical Korean sweets, the Dalgona Biscuit, to the mysterious squid game, even arriving at the frantic search for information on the conversion ratio of the South Korean won. For the uninitiated, the plot revolves around a nucleus of 456 people from all walks of life, all of whom are in dire financial straits for various reasons. On the run from loan sharks, wanted for fraud or hounded by banks, each of them has several reasons for wanting to reset their lives. They are then invited one by one by a mysterious organization to participate in a series of children's games inspired by classics such as one, two, three, star! and many others less well-known to Western audiences, with the promise of a decisive cash winnings that will put an end to all financial problems. There is talk of 45,600,000,000 won.  There is only one problem and it's not a small one, the defeat will coincide with a brutal and premature death. This book contains:-Explanation of some episodes-Curiosities-Korean traditions related to the series-Rules of all the games What are you waiting for? GET THIS BOOK NOW AND FIND OUT EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MOST POPULAR TV SERIES OF THE MOMENT! 


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