The Art of Seducing With Red Magic: Spells of Love to Bewitch the Coveted Person Shane Jonas Author
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These love rituals are universal and can be performed by / for straight, lesbian, gay, transgender people.This work is open to everyone while respecting everyone's personal choices. It aims to impart knowledge of red magic to anyone who needs help in the area of ​​love. This book has been designed to be easy to use. You will find-The objective of each ritual-The list of ingredients to use to perform the ritual-Where to perform the ritual?-When to perform the ritual?-How to perform the ritual step by step?-The incantation to recite It includes 10 rituals including 1 protection ritual to be performed before each love ritual.1-Protection ritual2-Ritual to have a lasting and committed romantic relationship3-Ritual to have a non-serious relationship (simple distraction)4-Ritual to rekindle the flame of love (when the partners are already separated)5-Ritual to rekindle the flame of love (when the partners have not yet broken up)6-Ritual to provoke amorous obsession in the partner7-Ritual to strengthen communication in the couple8-Ritual to dispel the fear of commitment9-Ritual to reconcile with an ex partner10-Ritual to neutralize negative people in the couple's environment Example of an incantation;You who say that you no longer love me,Through this ritual your feelings will change,Through this ritual you will fall in love with me again,An intense and deep feeling of love will spread through you again,You will stay in love forever with me


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