The Bear Who Loved Me (Shifters, Inc., #4) Georgette St. Clair Author
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Heath, a bear shifter criminal turned security consultant, just got what should be a dream assignment:  going undercover on a floating pleasure palace to flush out the assassin known as the Chameleon.  Unfortunately, there's one thing getting in the way of his fun: Tonya Crandall. A curvy cub reporter and a total fox – literally and figuratively -  she pushes all his buttons and drives his inner bear crazy every time she shows up bugging him for an interview.  Turns out she's sneaked onto the giant luxury cruiser too, and she's in way over her head. Heath suddenly finds that when anybody looks at his fox (his fox?) his bear has a way of making its displeasure known - violently – so he'll just have to pretend she's his companion for the duration of the cruise.  When they get back to shore, the grouchy bear is going to let her know what's what – isn't he?  Unfortunately, things are not as they seem on the Shangri-La of the Sea, and betrayal waits for both of them in the most unexpected of places.


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