Gratitude Journal : Depression and Anxiety Relief, 52-Week Guided Scriptures for Calm and Happiness. Eileen Nyberg Author
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Gratitude Journal for overcoming anxiety and depression. This 52-Week guided journal (for women) is a synergy of carefully chosen scriptures from the Bible and gratitude prayers unleashing positive energy and habit nests to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and fill your life with the Holy Spirit. Life would feel more purposeful, exciting, and wholesome. 52-weeks of practice to cultivate mindfulness and calmEach week starts with scripture related to thoughts, emotions, God's character, our identity, encouragement, and the Holy Spirit. Followed by affirmations, reflections, and journal questions to express our feelings.With every passing week, you'll start cultivating a habit of gratitude towards the Divine Spirit, giving Him control over your worries and pains. Understanding that you are His child and He always has a plan for you.Towards the end, you would have started on the path of achieving self-awareness and spiritual growth whereby stress, anxiety, depression, and all negative thoughts which seemed unsurmountable, would cease to exist.Leave your anxieties and worries at His feet and live free in love He has lavished upon you. He delights in you, with singing and rejoicing. He knows your name, and He sees the innermost parts of your being. Trust Him, and you will find your whole life. Kindle Edition: Please use a notebook to work with Journaling questions


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