Black Face White Racism Despite scientific evidences, the concept of race still hide racial discrimination Elias Jefferson Author
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Racism is one of the longest-standing social issues that persist in modern society. A lot of the tension that multi-cultural communities face today comes from our separation into racial categories that have been imposed on one another. Much of our recent history is dominated by race-based struggles. Moving past these ideas would be difficult, but maybe if we can expose their true origins: the racist anthropological books, papers, and theses that have fueled the fires for so long, we can finally end it for good. The ideas of some of the first Anthropologists may have been the leading cause of modern racism. These, rather than some genetic or biological reason, are why racism still exists today.Race is a false classification of people based on any actual or accurate biological or scientific truth. In other words, the distinction we make between races has nothing to do with scientific fact.The race is a political construction. A political structure is created by people; that is not a natural development; it is constructed or created for political purposes. The concept of race was created as a classification of human beings to give white people power and legitimize the dominance of white people over non-white people.


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