101 Writing Prompts for Creative Nonfiction (Write Ideas, #8) Kate Krake Author
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You have a story to tell, a true tale the world needs to hear. You want to tell this story with all the flair and depth of a masterwork of fiction, while maintaining every fact as a solid, honest account of life.You want to write creative nonfiction. Creative nonfiction is one of the best-selling genres in modern publishing. Blending literature and journalism, an excellent piece of creative nonfiction entertains and informs as it tells the story of the personal with a universal significance. But where do you begin? To write a truly outstanding work of creative nonfiction, it all starts with the idea. And here are 101 ideas for you to start your creative nonfiction journey. The writing prompts in this book come in many forms. Some reach into your personal life, others prompt exploration of the universe. Each prompt will guide you to the deepest parts of yourself, or the highest peaks of human experience, many will send you in both directions. How you choose to use them to tell your story is entirely up to you. Whether you're looking to write a memoir or an entertaining yet provoking article, a rich local history, or a worldly cultural exploration, the writing prompts in this book will set you on the path to creating life changing creative nonfiction. Are you ready to tell your story? Buy 101 Writing Prompts for Creative Nonfiction now.


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