Anger Management: How to Achieve Self-Control, Master your Emotions and Take Control of your Anger in Every Situation Ivy Spencer Author
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If You Want To Live A More Successful, Healthier, And More Enjoyable Life, You Need To Learn How To Overcome Negative Emotions. No matter how bad rage looks or feels, keep in mind that it is a perfectly valid feeling and a natural part of life, just like any other emotion. Simply put, there are things in this world that make you unhappy to the point of being angry. It's how you express the emotion of anger, however, that can be considered appropriate or inappropriate. As you're probably already aware, when you allow any emotion to get the best out of you, you end up needlessly harming yourself and the people around you. If you regularly find yourself in frustration, then it's time to learn a more constructive way to deal with your fury.Strong and raw emotions like anger often rob us of the joy that we might otherwise enjoy. Anger burns-not only emotionally, but also psychologically and physically.Unfortunately, many people are hanging on to their frustration and trying to deal with it in less than ideal ways. No wonder too many people are struggling with jobs and relationships that aren't as successful or as happy as they could be.This book takes you through a series of highly effective thinking processes that can defuse and re-channel your rage. Unlike the traditional rage self-help book, this book uses a step-by-step experience-based approach.This book helps you deal with your anger issues by starting at the beginning with how you choose to judge the stimuli or feedback you receive from the world.From this strong foundation, you'll be able to handle problems without getting angry, or if you have no choice but to respond with rage, you'll be able to do it positively.Yes, there's such a thing as positive anger. By channeling this powerful emotion to more product releases, not only do you get out of the risk of reacting to the worst possible pay, but you also make great progress in other areas of your life. Read This Book To Make Rage Work For You Instead Of Against You!


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