Deepest Dementia (manifest in criminal minds, #4) Bernard Harold Curgenven Author
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My company claimed they had viable reactors that fit on the back of a truck and in the cargo bay of a mid-sized plane. Apparently the smaller the size of the device, the easier it is to generate momentum and hasten the development process. Designing the first prototype took almost five years.Numerous methods to achieve nuclear fusion have been attempted, but we were using the most popular, which entailed storing hydrogen atoms in magnetic bottles.The worst possible nightmare is becoming many different people and experiencing their suffering, without knowing who you really are.Over the centuries the world had readied itself to embrace the rapture, but when it finally arrived it was by unexpected means, and not at all what humanity had bargained for. The rapture followed a rupture, which in turn followed one of the worst train derailments in the history of the railroad. This disaster was known as the doomsday derailment disaster. The railway's ignorance cost humanity dearly. As previously predicted, the world never ceased to exist following the rapture, but the surviving human race was changed forever. Identity crisis became the norm, and the world was thrown into confusion and destruction as never before. The weather became nothing but one continuous storm. What was this anomaly that lingered in the air?


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