Boating for Dummies: How to Learn Boating in 60 Minutes and Make Sailing Easier Kevin Durant Author
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Do you want to learn to sail?Are your boating skills and seamanship at the right standard?Do you need to improve on your boating basics and safety?Then Boating for Dummies is exactly what you need!Getting out onto the water is a relaxing and fun way to spend an afternoon. The feel of the wind in your face and the thrill of challenging the ocean is something that humans have craved since the beginning of time.But there are a lot of things you need to know before you push that boat into the water and enjoy yourself and the boating guide, Boating for Dummies, is the perfect books that makes sailing easyAfter reading this comprehensive guide you will know all about: Boating ApparatusBoating TerminologyBoating SafetyBoat MaintenanceBoating EtiquetteBoat Insurance And more…This boating for beginners' book is a great place to start your sailing adventure, making sure that you are properly prepared with safety, rules and boating skills before you begin. So What Are You Still Waiting For?Click Add To Cart Now And Learn Everything About Boating!


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