Why I Triple Text: A Guide For Understanding Your Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis And Improving Your Relationships Alexis Sands Author
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One of the only self-help books on borderline personality disorder written specifically for borderlines written by a borderline!Why I Triple Text is a comprehensive guide to help people with BPD better understand their complex diagnosis. From a first-hand perspective, learn about treatment options, coping strategies, and communication skills to improve interpersonal relationships. Written by an author with BPD, this book is borderline-centric, defying the stereotypes as well as embracing the creative sides of the disorder.  Drawing from her personal experiences and background in psychology, Sands breaks down Criteria A from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) into easy-to-digest parts. Why I Triple Text explains research-based approaches to treatment, describes a variety of real-life coping strategies, and includes practical workbook pages to strengthen and enhance interpersonal relationships.


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