The Black Billionaires: How Oprah, Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, Tiger Woods, and Others Are Redefining Black Wealth Darryl Henderson Author
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Are you someone who looks to famous black personalities for inspiration? Would you like to have the wealth and status of people like Oprah Winfrey or Tiger Woods? Do you want to know their secrets of how they got to where they are? Wealthy black people exist and they are becoming more numerous all the time as many follow the examples of trailblazers in the world of show business, music and sport. While opportunities for black people may still be less than their white counterparts, there are unique paths to success that many have forged and this is an irresistible and upward trend. This book, The Black Billionaires: How Oprah, Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, Tiger Woods and Others are Redefining Black Wealth, examines some of the most famous black people of recent years and how they found their own way to making millions, with chapters about: The black billionaires of modern timesThe story of Oprah WinfreyHow Michael Jordan found successHow Kanye West made his fortuneJay-Z and his billionaire statusSome lesser known figuresLessons to learn for your own successHow you can start to think like a billionaireAnd more…      


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