Political Games, Uncivil War and Inequality in USA: An American Bull In A China Shop Terry Nettle Author
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America is currently facing many serious domestic political issues and troubling foreign relations and trade issues. These difficulties may seem unamerican to most Americans, but there is really nothing unamerican about the quirky and destructive political games being played out in the Congress and the White House, the uncivil war between the political divides, and the racial injustice and other glaring inequalities in the American society.This is highlighted by the short but chaotic Trump regime which caused serious disruptions to both domestic politics and international relations. Its anti-China and anti-foreign rhetoric and actions exploited domestic populist, xenophobic and economic sentiments and were particularly dangerous. The end of the Trump regime was as dramatic as its beginning. What was most shocking was the violent mob invasion of the US Capitol on 6 January 2021.This book examines the causes and effects of these dramatic events and explains why a singular malicious obsession against China is a strategic mistake, and how this can make the healing and recovery process for America a truly daunting task. If this process is not managed correctly, both USA and the rest of the world will be locked into a terrible and destructive period of great power rivalry and conflicts. 


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