For the Children of Abraham: Scripture's Wisdom Charles Vernoff Author
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For the Children of Abraham: Scripture’s Wisdom brings the votaries of the Abrahamic faiths together around a shared understanding of scriptural commonality. Vernoff’s chosen text is the Ketuvim, the nine books of writings (ketuvim) that don’t fall into the categories of the Torah or the prophetic writings. This category encompasses the heart-rending wails of Lamentations and the bizarre palace intrigues of Esther and Daniel, the epigrams of Proverbs and the steamy poesy of the Song of Songs. Ketuvim does not so much defy any search for unifying concepts, as convince readers not even to expect unity. Vernoff brings order and relevance to this hotchpotch miscellany and proposes a governing structure to readers of these books. He does this in a voice which respects the scholar, the student, and the worshipper. Most of all, Vernoff respects the Biblical authors and redactors who did not write with any such structure in mind; and engages with the texts on their own terms.


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