Halliday 12: The Wayward Breed Adam Brady Author
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The three hardcases were after Kirk Nesbitt. And now they had him, they were going to kill him, real slow.There was just one problem.The man they’d caught wasn’t Kirk Nesbitt at all. He was Buck Halliday. And Halliday knew just what to do when the deck was stacked against him.Leaving at least one dead man behind him, he ran straight into the arms of a beautiful young girl who also believed him to be Nesbitt … and now Halliday started to get curious about the man he kept being mistaken for. Who was Nesbitt? Why did so many people want him dead?As everything started to become clear, and the attempts on his life kept coming, Halliday checked his weapons and went to war … and the body count started to rise.


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