Legacy of Truth: An Irish Historical Fantasy Family Saga (Druid's Brooch Series Book 2) Christy Nicholas Author
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NOTE: This is a re-release of a previously published novel with the same title and story, but a new cover and new edits.He gave her a gift. Using it could bring her to madness.Ireland, 1795. Esme Doherty believes the best of everyone. Despite a drunken father, a bullying twin sister, and a failing farm, the impoverished girl refuses to allow her sunny demeanor to dim. But when her grandfather gives her a magical brooch that enables her to detect lies, she finds her idealism crashing towards a pit of despair.Wanting only for a family amid the newfound darkness in the world, Esme flees with a trader to seek normalcy in a small village. But after her new neighbors accuse her of witchcraft and she suffers multiple miscarriages, she feels helpless to stand against her fiendish sibling’s designs on her magic…Can Esme recover from life’s vicious blows before a selfish, jealous woman claims her power?Legacy of Truth is the bewitching second book in The Druid's Brooch historical fantasy series. If you like determined heroines, emotional intrigue, and fairy enchantments, then you’ll love Christy Nicholas’s moving struggle.Buy Legacy of Truth for the consequences of honesty today!


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