My Best Friend Drank the Magic Potion I Had Been Saving for a Well-paying Client and... Is Now a Woman!? Alicia N Author
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Lillie was in the process of making a special potion requested by a well-paying client. Then, just as she least expected it, her best friend came barging in, and… gulped down the whole potion before Lillie had time to react!?And just like that, her best friend is suddenly standing in front of her, except in a completely different body: that of an insanely beautiful woman!Is it just her imagination, or is Lillie’s heart suddenly beating a little faster? With her friend having gulped down the old potion, Lillie now has to make a new one, but… maybe she has time for thoroughly testing her friend’s new body first?Better make sure every single part of it works properly, after all!


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