Morosa: Book Two of the Viridian Chronicles A.E. Outerbridge Author
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Adventure and risk...when eighteen-year-old Elle O'Sullivan heads out to Caillagh University in Morosa to compete in the Zenithal Cup, she has to expect a bit of both. Last year in Liornabella, Elle's time at Eidolon University stirred age-old magic back to life, but this year her presence in Caillagh ignites a chain of events no one could have anticipated. Long buried secrets are not ready to release her, and she is quickly entangled in a rich tapestry of rivalry, lies and a history that will not stay in the past. As Elle uncovers more about the Viridian Isles', she learns that the story that begin in Liornabella is inextricably woven through Morosa, too. Through mysterious visions, centuries-old texts, and strange characters, the story of Princess Sinead and the fallout from her death ensnares Elle and her friends as it unravels.Meanwhile, someone has placed a curse on Elan. Elle's only chance to help him is to face the black magic and darkness that haunted her in Liornabella; thankfully, she has her best friends Naomi and Martine at her side. As Elle adjusts to her newfound strength and power, she is only too aware of the watchful eye of the vampire Valdis Lockheart, whose entry to the Isle of Morosa must be stopped at all costs. To prevent his arrival, Elle must break a deadly curse, kill a dead Queen and learn to travel within her own mind. Easy, right?Join Elle and her friends as they navigate the treacherous, twisted paths through the tale of the Viridian Isles.


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