In Defense of Patch Schubert John C Payne Author
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Will the letter “S” carved in a rifle butt result in the owner's life or death decree?This blockbuster story traces the maturing of young Confederate Private Patch Schubert in larger-than-life Texas. It begins with the last skirmish of the Civil War. It occurred in South Texas at the Battle of Palmito Ranch, 33 days after Lee surrendered to Grant.The inexperienced Patch is stopped dead in his tracks, first by the carnally-wired and contentious Rosa, then by the more experienced and gorgeous Leeanne. The young man is overcome by the magnetism spawned by these two sensual creatures as he reacclimates his post-war life in San Antonio.A former chameleon schoolmaster of shifty moral fiber holds sway with the three individuals creating hesitations and uncertainties. Uncertainty is heightened by the schoolteacher’s business link with a wealthy lawyer of questionable character.Rosa’s politically-charged father orchestrates a number of challenging demands on the couple. He impacts others involved in the future leadership of Mexico.The lure of finding gold supplants the lover’s conflicting trysts for a more dangerous obsession. Patch is influenced by a former Union soldier to join him in search of precious minerals.Patch’s world crashes in El Paso when he is accused of atrocious war-time misdeeds. A military tribunal is convened at Fort Bliss. His future looks bleak. Will his haunted memories come to fruition?


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