The Future of My Past: Beyond An Autobipgraphy Udoh Elijah Udom Author
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In the book in your hand, the author chronicles experiences and challenges he faced during his extraordinary life journey. Difficult as his early life was, he reminds us that our past experiences, no matter how ugly they were, are our best teacher and the brainchild of whatever we are today. Therefore, we should endeavor to understand why certain things happened to us in the past and make use of our past experiences to design the future we want for ourselves and others. This is the kernel of this autobiography and underscores its title—The Future of my Past. Our past is behind us, but no less significant. Understanding our past helps us to create a better future for ourselves. We should learn from the past but focus on the future because that’s where we are going to spend the rest of our lives.The author admonishes those who think strings of university degrees, materialism, and socio-economic power, are what life is all about. Drawing from his past experiences, he discusses what he considers the true meaning of life and his credo for the future—People First. He plans to intentionally focus on other people’s welfare, rather than on himself, to lift them out of the valley of nothingness with whatever resources at his disposal. He sees this as the greatest act of humanity. The author encourages us to contribute whatever we can, wherever we are, to improve the lives of other people. That is, he concludes, what makes people significant, and the true meaning of life.


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